There are four primary ways to obtain U.S. citizenship in the United States:

  1. Birth in the United States;
  2. Birth abroad to qualifying U.S. citizen parents;
  3. Adoption by U.S. citizen parents;
  4. Application for Naturalization after 3-5 years as a permanent resident in the United States.

The United States government does NOT automatically record the names of all U.S. citizens. In some cases you may be a U.S. citizen or be eligible for U.S. citizenship and not even know it. Whether you are a permanent resident looking to apply for naturalization or you are a U.S. citizen trying to properly document your citizenship, the immigration attorneys at the Gunderson Law Group, P.C. can help you understand your options and navigate the complex legal system.

We have experience helping clients navigate complex citizenship issues including:

  • Naturalization;
  • Obtaining Certificates of Citizenship;
  • U.S. Passport Issues;
  • Child Citizenship Act;
  • Consular Reports of Birth Abroad

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