Those who fear returning to their home country for fear of persecution may be eligible for asylum in the United States. Determining whether or not a person qualifies for asylum requires a careful analysis of each individual’s case. The person seeking asylum (the “asylee”) must show that he or she fears persecution for one of the following protected reasons:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Political Opinion
  • Membership in a particular social group.

Generally, a person must apply for asylum within one year of arrival in the United States, however, this requirement can be overcome if there have been recent changes in your home country that cause you to fear persecution now.

In many cases, people apply for asylum soon after arriving in the United States, however those who fear persecution at home may sometimes apply for asylum with the immigration courts during a deportation case.

If you have questions regarding the asylum process or to determine whether you or a loved one may qualify for asylum, contact our office.

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